Zuid-Holland well-represented in EU Top winners 2017

During the EU Innovation Summit, held in the final week of November 2017, the very first EU Top 50 Millennial Start-up Competition took place. Around fifty ‘most promising millennial seed-stage founders’ were allowed to show their innovative ideas and technologies that are to address Europe’s main current and future challenges. For instance, complex questions in the field of safety, education, transport, sciences, deep technology and energy transitions, but also space, food and agriculture, healthcare and life sciences, climate change and the environment.

Zuid-Holland well-represented in EU Top winners 2017

Entrepreneurs from 26 European countries entered the EU top 50 start-ups competition, and eventually, 50 start-ups of 19 different countries were invited to make their pitch in the European Parliament in Brussels, and to meet with international policy makers and investors. Eight Dutch businesses were among the chosen, with even 4 promising start-ups from Zuid-Holland, established in Delft and Leiden. The following is a brief introduction of these Dutch businesses, with a description of their project, a link to the website and their contact details.

Bird Control Group (Delft)

Description: In a world with an ever-increasing demand for food, energy and mobility, effective and efficient bird-dispersal is crucial. This challenge is the mission of the Bird Control Group, that develops smart solutions to permanently keep birds at a safe distance. The products and services contribute to a safer work environment and prevent unnecessary damage and nuisance. Founders Steinar Henskes (26) and Tim Sprang (28) have developed a laser technology that offers a solution to the worldwide bird problem in 75 countries. Among their customers are various large multinationals, airports and governments. The animal friendly method has been acknowledged by the World Wild Life Fund as well.

Website: birdcontrolgroup.com

Email: info@birdcontrolgroup.com

Bluerise (Delft)

Description: Bluerise was established in 2009 to make thermal energy from ocean water a substantial part of the energy mix. Although this is one of the most sustainable energy sources in the world, this source has not been used much until now. Ocean Thermal Energy will play a crucial role in the future energy mix, because it is one of the few constant energy sources available all year, day and night. This energy source may cause a veritable energy breakthrough, in which Europe can play an important role. Together with partners, Bluerise is already working on projects in Curaçao, Jamaica, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Website: bluerise.nl

Email: info@bluerise.nl

IN OVO (Leiden)

Description: In 2013, Wouter Bruins and Wil Stutterheim established In Ovo, a start-up intending to reduce the unnecessary death of new-born cockerels in the poultry industry. Globally, each year around 32 million one-day old cockerels are killed because they are of no value to the poultry industry. But with its innovative gender screening technology, In Ovo is able to determine the gender of the chick even before the egg has hatched. With a broad consortium of partners, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, and the University of Leiden, In Ovo already has the support of key players in this industry to start using their technique on a larger scale. That start-up expects to be ready to take this innovative technique to the market in early 2018.

Website: project.inovo.nl

Email: info@inovo.nl

SOLHO (Delft)

Description: SOLHO develops solar off-grid energy systems for agriculture and land cultivation, which offer interesting growth opportunities for greenhouse cultivation. The off-grid energy system developed by SOLHO, SPRHOUT (Solar-PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT), works entirely on solar energy. With an innovative energy storage unit based on thermal energy, greenhouse projects can be supplied with the required energy all year long. SPRHOUT makes it possible to realise completely off-grid greenhouse cultivation, which offers new opportunities for the market to also realise greenhouse cultivation in areas with, for instance, a poor energy infrastructure. Another advantage that SPRHOUT offers is a sizeable reduction of the environmental impact. SOLHO designs and develops the solar energy system and intends to market a commercial version in 2019 at a cost of on average €5 million for 5 hectares greenhouse construction.

Website: www.solho.eu

Email: info@solho.eu

HIBER (formerly Magnitude Space) (Amsterdam and Delft)

Description: Hiber offers all businesses the world over a network that makes all information of the Internet of Things (IoT) available. Hiber has developed a device with which you can access all worldwide available data via a satellite network. Hiber aims to offer affordable connections for sensor and IoT-related devices. The focus is on simple use and offering a global Internet of Things solution by a mondial localisation and monitoring service.

Website: hiber.global

Email: info@hiber.eu