Zuid-Holland water recreation example for Europe

King's Commissioner Jaap Smit opened the visit on Monday 9 October. “As the provincewith the most water in The Netherlands, we know how to handle water, but also how to handle water recreation. Here, water is of great economic importance.” Representatives of the partners in the SWARE-project from Latvia, Italy, Slovakia and Ireland discover that during a visit to, among other, the so-called Water Triangle. There, the Waterbus ensures a good connection between the Biesbosch, Kinderdijk and Dordrecht, allowing nature, heritage, and city to be within easy reach.

Knowledge sharing first

Common threads of the three-day programme are 'marketing’ and ‘destination-development'. Besides visits to Zuid-Holland's icons, substantive sessions take place on, for example, region branding, the use of data, and the improvement of policies regarding water recreation. In addition, there is plenty of opportunity to share knowledge, allowing all partners to take new steps at the end of the week and to make better use of the economic potential of the water in their own region.