Zuid-Holland wants to continue passenger transport by water

The Province of Zuid-Holland wants to continue its passenger transport by water between Rotterdam and Dordrecht and within the Drechtsteden after 2021. Over the past few years, the Waterbus has already proved that it provides a service to travellers.

The contract with the operator of the current 'Waterbus’ ends on 31 December 2021. The Province would like to build on the success of this service, because passenger transport by water is an important kind of public transport in a busy and water-abundant province.

Regional Minister Rik Janssen: "The Drechtsteden region with its many waterways offers excellent opportunities for passenger transport by water. We have invested in good connections with other kinds of public transport, and as a result, we see that people know how to find their way to the water.”

The province now intends to take concrete steps to safeguard the continuance of a kind of passenger transport by water from 2022 onwards. The guiding principle in this matter is the policy framework adopted on 19 December 2018 “Towards a sustainable and optimal passenger transport by water”.

The Province targets passenger transport by water with good connections with other kinds of transport, such as bicycles, public transport and the car. This way, the passenger transport by water will be an excellent addition to public transport by road and will contribute to a fast and comfortable journey, even for large groups of travellers.

A demand-driven design offers opportunities for a flexible and well-structured passenger transport by water, and hubs for various kinds of transport offer solutions for fast and comfortable connections between villages and towns and at the same time, a well-structured public transport system in the nuclei and the outlying areas.

With its policy framework, the Province also invests in stimulating sustainable and innovative kinds of passenger transport by water, in which it aspires to fully emission-free transport. The Province will set the Design Brief in the spring of 2019, followed by a concrete request for proposals by interested parties.