Zuid-Holland signs for water quality

Regional Minister Jeannette Baljeu recently signed the Ecological Objectives for Other Waters’ on behalf of the Province of Zuid-Holland. The Province of Noord-Holland did likewise, as did almost all of the water boards in these two provinces. The joint agreement ensures the same policy and uniform principles for all other waters. The water quality may not deteriorate and the biodiversity should increase.

Water quality

‘Other waters’ are waters smaller than 5 hectares, but connected to larger surface water bodies and as such of vital importance to the water quality. Based on the agreed policy, sets of measures are being compiled to achieve the ecological objectives. Jeannette Baljeu: "Good quality water in our water system is important for many user functions and for the living conditions of animals and plants. This has also been included in the European Water Framework Directive (WFD).”


Furthermore, the uniform principles are vital because other water can contribute to specific functions for which the water quality is vital, such as Nature Network Netherlands, Natura-2000 areas, groundwater protection areas, and official bathing water. It is also practical that the two provinces and the water boards work with the same principles, and it facilitates communication on the subject.

Ecological goals