Zuid-Holland nature reserves bought by farmers and Natuurmonumenten

Last spring Zuid-Holland Province put five nature reserves with a combined area of 70 hectares up for sale. The province has meanwhile selected the best tenders on the basis of the best price-quality ratios.

Three grassland bird sanctuaries on offer in Midden-Delfland were awarded to local dairy farmers. The Berkelse Zweth canal alongside the Ackerdijkse lakes and the Wolvenpolder near Spijkenisse go to nature conservancy association Vereniging Natuurmonumenten. Altogether nine tenders were submitted.


Regional Minister Han Weber (Green): “The farmers in Midden-Delfland will not only be managing the bird sanctuaries but will also assume responsibility for equipping them. That gives them the best possible opportunity to incorporate nature conservancy objectives into their own business operations. Natuurmonumenten will also be investing in more biodiversity, to the benefit of bird species such as the skylark and the common tern. Natuurmonumenten plans furthermore to improve the environmental and recreational quality of the Berkelse Zweth canal and the Wolvenpolder.

The disposal transaction is due for official completion at the beginning of September 2016.