Zuid-Holland joins forces with North Rhine-Westphalia on hydrogen

With a lot of industry, greenhouse horticulture, and our densely populated province, we are one of the most energy-intensive regions in Europe. The transition to sustainable energy, mobility, and transport is very important to Zuid-Holland. Whether it is our world famous windmills or the petrochemical cluster in the port of Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland is constantly working on innovative ways to meet our energy demand. With the Paris Climate Agreement and the proposed national Climate Plan in mind, Zuid-Holland is working towards a sustainable society in multiple fields, including cross-border projects.

Zuid-Holland looks forward to collaborating with the region North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) on the development of a European hydrogen ecosystem with the Port of Rotterdam as a ‘sustainable energy hub’ with a connection to NRW. On 9 November 2020 NRW presented its hydrogen vision and plans; the Hydrogen Roadmap. Zuid-Holland, as the only foreign partner, was asked to reflect on its hydrogen perspective. In a video message, Regional Minister Jeannette Baljeu stressed the importance of cooperation on hydrogen, including sustainable transport, and she also emphasized Zuid-Holland’s vision on hydrogen and our cooperation with regional partners.

NRW-ZuidHolland H2Roadmap