Zuid-Holland invests in living environment

Zuid-Holland invests in living environment

Published on 16 January 2019

Earlier today, the Province of Zuid-Holland presented a Vision and an Implementation Plan aimed at strengthening nature and recreation. Because of these measures, the quality of life, the climate-resilience and the economic resilience are increasing.

The title of the Vision and Implementation Plan is: Rich Green-blue Living Environment. Over the next few years, the Province and its partners want to focus on making agriculture more sustainable and the urban landscape greener, to increase the water features and to expand the biodiversity.

Joint product

During the summer of 2018, dozens of Zuid-Holland authorities, companies and social organisations decided to collaborate on a healthy living environment and an attractive business climate in Zuid-Holland. Subsequently, the organisations have detailed visions and initiatives under Provincial guidance.  The Implementation Plan is the result of these efforts. Many of these actions will be realised in mutual cooperation.

Sustainable agriculture and strengthening of nature

The Province wants to work with the agricultural industry on an agricultural and food system in which economy and ecology strengthen each other. To that end, it will further boost sustainable innovations in the industry, such as circular agriculture and new climate-resistant business systems on wet peatland. The Province will put its back into reversing the decline of the surrounding nature, strengthening the water recreation and a vital regional economy.  At least 5 projects will be prepared in 2019 to stimulate biodiversity in the peatland areas, that will also provide opportunities for the water recreation.

Cities and infrastructure taken in hand

Water, climate, biodiversity and greenery will become a standard component of investments in housing development, business parks and infrastructure projects by local authorities and investors. Three test projects have started this year in Landschapspark Zuidvleugel, combining nature, water, smart climate solutions and heritage in the urban area of Rotterdam/Drechtsteden, Katwijk/Leiden and Delft.