Zuid-Holland in high level Steering Group EIP on Water

Province Zuid-Holland Regional Minister Rik Janssen is to join the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Steering Group on Water on Water. The Steering Group consists of 26 high level experts in the field of water and innovation and is chaired by European Commissioner Karmenu Vella (Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries).

Structure and priorities

The Steering Group offers strategic advice to the EIP on Water and identifies important topics and challenges regarding water innovation. The Strategic Implementation Plan outlines the main priorities and the way of working as well as the governance structure regarding the EIP on Water. The European Commission has decided that the Steering Group EIP on Water comprises 27 members, including nine new members for the 2016-2018 period. Meetings take place twice a year. The first steering group meeting with its new members is planned for autumn 2016.

EIP on Water

The EIP on Water is an initiative set up by the European Commission and focuses on partnerships between parties from European water sectors to accelerate innovation and time-to-market. Work is specifically carried out in demonstration projects to apply national knowledge and experience in the field of water management .

Netherlands Water Partnership

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) supports the water sector with respect to export and international collaboration. NWP contributes by utilizing expertise from the wide network and using it to promote the formation of new partnerships in Europe and beyond. Its experience and knowledge in this field can be exploited and can be of added value to the EIP on Water.