Zuid-Holland's building agreement launches principles for climate-adaptive building

Climate-adaptive building will be the new standard in Zuid-Holland. Today, a collaboration of regional authorities, the building industry and social organisations will hand over the principles of climate-adaptive building to the Delta Commissioner.

“Now it is becoming reality”, says Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra (Health and Safety). “All parties involved will apply these principles in their policy and their projects from now on. That means that a large part of the future building projects in Zuid-Holland will be developed climate-adaptively.”


The schedule of requirements contains, among other things, principles for the quantity of water storage, the presence of greenery and measures to limit heat stress. One principle, for instance, is that at least 40% of the surface must be laid-out heat-reflecting or cooling. The principles are part of a broad-based approach, that can be tailored to anyone's needs. That base is important, says Martijn van Gelderen, ambient quality manager at area developer BDP (Bouwfonds Property Development): “A lack of clarity and large differences in quality requirements often take up a lot of time in areal development. The jointly developed principles and approach offer us good points of reference to develop climate-adaptive residential areas. This way, we can realise new climate-adaptive habitats faster and possibly cheaper.”

New construction

Regional Minister Anne Koning (Housing): “The Province of Zuid-Holland faces a ‘new build’ challenge of 100,000 new homes until 2025. This large building challenge offers the opportunity to develop these homes climate-adaptively and in doing so, to avoid damage or more expensive remedial measures in the future.” Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra adds: “Everyone wants to live in a nice, safe and healthy environment, where is does not get excessively hot, with valuable greenery and where torrential rains do not result in unnecessary damage. That is what we will jointly take care of in Zuid-Holland.”

Next steps

As of 13 September, parties from the entire country can join the covenant (Agreement). In addition, the parties are collaborating on enlargening the manual and on themes such as climate-resistant modes of financing.