Zuid-Holland horticulture ’Champion energy transition’

The horticultural chain has the potential to be the Energy Transition World Champion, Energy Commissioner Ruud Koornstra stated during the annual Greenport event.

The horticultural supply chain in Zuid-Holland is on the right road to the ‘next economy'. What is needed now, is small-scale partnerships with new, fresh parties from inside and outside the horticulture cluster. That was the speakers’ main message during the fourth annual Greenport West-Holland event on 4 June 2018.

The sustainable horticultural chain has everything needed to become the Energy Transition World Champion, Energy Commissioner Ruud Koornstra said. One example is the initiatives in the field of geothermal wells. This is unprecedented, especially compared with other sectors and industries in other countries. The sector can convert its lead into economic opportunities. During the annual event, Regional Minister Han Weber also spoke about the energy transition and the importance of new entrepreneurship. “It is a learning process." He called on the sector to work on sustainable cooperation, as happens in the industrial area of Nieuw Reijerwaard. “And let's work on the relationship with the people living in the neighbourhood."

Healthiest region in the world

Transition Professor Jan Rotmans emphasized during the event that the production and sales of products is no future-proof business model. “Twenty years from now we will no longer earn a lot of money with the cultivation of tomatoes, because they can do that elsewhere, too. So, what are we going to do? We will become the healthiest region in the world. It is not how you earn your money now, but what you will earn money from twenty years from now."

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra, Chairman of the Greenport West Holland, looks back on a successful annual event: “The Green Port is growing, as was evident again today. Together we are working on completing large social tasks, including in the field of energy, “ said Bom-Lemstra. “And I am also very pleased with the cooperation of Innovation Quarter with Greenport West Holland. Zuid-Holland has stood at the cradle of both initiatives. The fact that they strengthen each other now gives a powerful impetus to the regional economy