Zuid-Holland represented at Digitizing European Industry Forum

How do we ensure that the European industry will still be competitive in 2030? How can the EU make it easier for the manufacturing industry, in particular SMEs, to invest in digitizing? How can Digital Innovation Hubs support entrepreneurs in automating and digitizing their production? These are the core questions asked at the Digitizing European Industry Forum, organised by the European Committee and the French Ministry of Economics and Finance in Paris last week.

The Committee invited the Zuid-Holland Economic Board to take part in this annually recurring forum. A great opportunity to share the best practices of the recently started Smart Industry Hub SMITZH, and to invite entrepreneur Jac Gofers of Promolding to speak on the importance of digitizing in the European industry.

Anton Duisterwinkel, programme manager of SMITZH: “Taking part in this Forum was well worth the trouble for SMITZH. Of course, I gladly share our one-stop-shop working method with the European Committee, so that the people in Brussels get an idea of how we can assist entrepreneurs with the industrial application of Smart Manufacturing. In addition, I have met many colleagues involved in similar initiatives, and so we learn from each other and build a network of international partners.”

Jac Gofers, CEO of Promolding: “Further digitizing is of the utmost importance to the European Industry's future. A sound strategy at European level is required to prevent the unnecessary bottlenecks in its funding, in particular among SMEs. As a result of my experience with Promolding, I am pleased to join the deliberation process."