Zuid-Holland's cooperation with European coastal regions

During the 44th General Assembly (general membership meeting) of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) in Portugal, Regional Minister Van der Sande was re-elected as vice-president of CPMR. Around 150 regions are members of CPMR, including all Dutch coastal provinces. The coming years, Zuid-Holland, as a member of CPMR, and the European coastal regions will strengthen the adaptation to climate change. To this end, the general membership meeting decided to start a 'Climate Task Force'.

Re-election of the Board of CPMR

During the General membership meeting of CPMR from 2 to 4 November 2016, various working groups discussed important topics, such as the cohesion policy, transport and accessibility, and the maritime and migration policy. The general membership meeting was also dominated by the re-election of the Board. Regional Minister Van der Sande was re-elected as vice-president of CPMR and will continue in his role as a promoter of the working group 'Energy & Climate'.

Climate Task Force

Within CPMR, on the initiative of the region of Brittany (France), the 'Climate Task Force' was set-up to integrate and coordinate all regional actions on climate protection. The 'Climate Task Force' is coherent with the CPMR policy position on climate change, adopted during the summer 2016 in Heraklion (Greece). The 'Climate Task Force' will be acting on issues concerning the 'reduction' of the causes of climate change and the regions’ 'adaptation’ to the potential impact of climate change.

"I am pleased that the region of Brittany has taken this initiative, because that allows all regions to benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have and innovative ideas can be encouraged. As vice-president and promoter of the working group 'Energy & Climate' within CPMR, I support this initiative wholeheartedly", says Regional Minister Van der Sande.