YES!Delft and UtrechtInc in international top university business incubators

World Top Business Incubator

This year, UBI Global made rankings in 4 categories. YES!Delft and UtrechtInc come 2nd and 10th in the category, respectively: World Top Business Incubator – Affiliated with University. In 2015, YES!Delft held 9th place in the world ranking.

This result proves that our programmes are world class. With Discovery Track, Validation Lab and Accelerator Programmes, we help start-ups grow from a business idea into an investor-ready business within 9 months. ~ Evert Jaap Lugt Managing Director van YES!Delft


UtrechtInc also keeps a top spot in the international ranking and is glad with the recognition. Managing Director Jorg Kop: “Scientists of the University of Utrecht and UMC Utrecht find a guidance programme and team in UtrechtInc to bring research to the market. In this way, we help make knowledge applicable to society.” The incubator has supported 184 start-ups since 2009.


Startup Envoy Prins Constantijn at StartupDelta congratulates YES!Delft and UtrechtInc. “Incubators and accelerators can play a crucial part in marketing scientific knowledge and supporting academic start-ups. The universities of Delft and Utrecht can be proud of the success of YES!Delft and UtrechtInc, which have made an amazing contribution to the Dutch start-up and scale-up ecosystem.”


UBI Global, a leading Swedish research and advice bureau in the field of business incubation, biannually conducts research into 500 incubators and accelerators in over seventy countries. Attention is given to, among other things, access to capital and the economic impact of incubators. The 259 participating programmes together allowed more than 10,000 start-ups to take part in their programmes, the research shows. These start-ups employed in total 72,000 staff. Over the past 5 years, the businesses have received €4.7 billion in funding and together have achieved a total turnover of €3.2 billion.

The ranking was announced during the World Incubation Summit in Toronto (CAN). Would you like to see the complete ranking? You can find it at

Source / YES!Delft