Which innovations are to be tested during the coming period at the Green Village testing ground?

On 19 November, innovators and partners of the Green Village presented their latest plans to accelerate the change to a sustainable future.

The Green Village is the testing ground for sustainable innovations at the campus of the TU Delft. This is where researchers and entrepreneurs build, research, test and demonstrate their sustainable innovations in the housing, working and living environment of the open-air lab. One of the latest appealing research and innovations projects is the experimental low temperature heat grid, to be realised as of February 2020 at The Green Village by a consortium of the Municipality of Delft, Stedin, Engie and TU Delft.

Theory put into practice

The province is one of the partners in The Green Village, TU Delft's open-air lab. Regional Minister Berend Potjer: “Together, we face an enormous task: the energy transition is not a thing of tomorrow, but of today. In the Province of Zuid-Holland, the most populated part of the Netherlands, we are continuously looking for smart and new ways to save, generate, store and exchange energy. The Green Village plays an important role in that: businesses can show how their innovations work in everyday life and allow them to be experienced. It allows us to form an impression of how our country might look in a couple of years from now. I find it inspiring to see how the theory is put into practice.

The Green Village

The Netherlands faces great challenges in the existing built environment. How do we renovate the building stock? What will the new energy systems be? And how do we design our cities climate-adaptively? Technically speaking, it is a huge task. At the same time, there are economic, social and managerial thresholds to cross. All those questions need answers. These answers are found in an early experimental phase at The Green Village, TU Delft's testing ground for sustainable innovations.
Read more about The Green Village: https://www.thegreenvillage.org/.