Twenty new hydrogen buses in Zuid-Holland

Twenty new buses are to run on hydrogen in the province of Zuid-Holland. Regional Minister Floor Vermeulen (Traffic and Transport) and Minister Stientje van Veldhoven ( Environment and Housing) made agreements to this end on Wednesday. By 2021 at the latest, all buses will have taken to the roads in the province. This agreement brought an emission-free public transport system another step closer, which is good for the climate and contributes to clean air.

On Wednesday, the collaboration agreement was signed symbolically in a hydrogen bus parked at the bus platform at Den Haag Central. “Our ambition is to keep Zuid-Holland easily accessible. We also want to work innovatively on a better climate. The arrival of the hydrogen buses offers great opportunities to make the public transport system in Zuid-Holland more sustainable”, said Regional Minister Floor Vermeulen. The buses will be put into action on Goeree-Overflakkee.

The deployment of new hydrogen buses is important for the sustainabilisation of the Dutch transport system. At this moment, 8 hydrogen buses are in service in the Dutch public transport system. Minister Stientje van Veldhoven: “Hydrogen really is the future when it comes to heavy transport vehicles such as buses and lorries. They have a large operating radius, without impacting the climate and the air quality. At the moment there are only a few hydrogen fuel stations, but that, of course, is a chicken-and-egg situation. All these buses will soon be refuelling hydrogen, and that could be just the incentive that driving on hydrogen needs”.

Battery-electric cars are suitable for shorter distances. With hydrogen-electric cars distances of over 400 kilometres can be made on a single tank, without producing any emissions. That also applies to heavy transport vehicles such as buses. The use of hydrogen by the buses will contribute to the economic viability of the hydrogen fuel stations. In addition, the technique developed for this can also be used for lorries, ships and trains etc. using hydrogen, and the use of hydrogen will cause less impact on our electricity network.

Public transport entirely emission-free in 2030

In 2016 the Government and principals in the public transport system agreed that every new bus after 2025 should run emission-free. As of 2030, all buses in the public transport system have to run emission-free.