Subsidence internationally also on the agenda

“Customization is needed to deal with subsidence”. That is what Regional Minister Rik Janssen sated at an international conference of peatland specialists.

Last week, the ‘International Peatland Society’ held its jubilee congress in Rotterdam. In his speech, Rik Janssen confronted the specialists with the fact that the time has come to act. Like Zuid-Holland, many areas in the world are dealing with problematic changes in their peatland, such as subsidence, but also the emission of CO2 because the peat is drying out. Because of all international agreements to reduce the CO2 emissions, peatland is getting more attention as well. It is therefore important now to collaborate on solutions and to place the issue high on the international agenda.

There is no blueprint

The innovative project for underwater drainage in Driebruggen, that Rik Janssen and partners opened on 30 August, received a lot of attention: “The technique used in this project is a new way to slow down the subsidence. Another region may again require different measures. I consider all those various possibilities as tools in a toolbox.  There is no blueprint - dealing with subsidence requires customization and collaboration of all parties involved.”

Also, watch the video ‘Moving on soft subsoil' shown in English during the speech.