Startup in Residence

The Province of Zuid-Holland has announced the 12 challenges with which it calls on start-ups to bring creative solutions for the tasks it faces.

This announcement is the official start of Startup in Residence. The challenges are the issues that the Province has to deal with. By joining forces with creative start-ups, the Province offers innovative entrepreneurs a strong position in the market, trainings and workshops. In turn, the start-ups help the Province with their innovative power. Together, they hope to develop the innovative ideas into achievable solutions.

"These young businesses often have fresh and innovative ideas that they can realise in a short time. By allowing start-ups to join the deliberations, the Province can work faster on concrete solutions", Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra explains. "And it is a wonderful opportunity for the start-ups to acquire the Province as their first customer, the ‘launching customer."

The selected will be given ample space to develop their idea in more detail together with the Province, during which time they will be supported by coaching and training, and will have their workplace on the innovation floor in the Provincial Government Building..

View all challenges.