Start-up removes plastic from the Gouwe with ‘waste wheel’

Start-up Noria removes waste from the Gouwe at Alphen aan de Rijn during an innovative pilot, commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland. The province wants to investigate how much of the plastic floating in the Gouwe can be removed, and where that had best be done. At the same time, Noria tests its 'waste wheel’, the system with which the plastic is collected.

The experiment is one of the actions to achieve a so-called Green Corridor: one of the first green and climate-neutral European transport corridors. The province has joined forces with various municipalities and businesses to achieve this, among which Heineken. Together they work on the complete sustainabilisation of the route that Heineken beer takes from the factory in Zoeterwoude to the Rotterdam port. Part of that route is the transport by water via the Gouwe. The removal of the plastic represents an important contribution to this.

From lollipop sticks to bottles

The province called on start-up Noria to help with the pilot, using the Start-up in Residence programme. In this programme, start-ups work on governmental issues, during which they are given the opportunity to develop their innovation. It was an excellent opportunity for Noria to apply its waste wheel for plastic. It will do so from Monday 25 up to Friday 29 November 2019 at the Steekterpoort in Alphen aan de Rijn. Rinze de Vries of Noria: “During pilot studies we removed 65 floating plastic objects from the water in only a few hours, from lollipop sticks to bottles. By testing the wheel for an entire week, we anticipate getting a better idea of the problem and its solution.”

Nobody's problem in particular

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra (Economy and Innovation) anticipates good results. “This is definitely a win-win situation. We obtain more insight into the problem of plastic in our waterways network, which is necessary to really achieve that Green Corridor. And Noria is given the opportunity to test its innovative solution. Quite apart from that, I hope that this will cause all kinds of parties to consider the 'plastic problem'. It is nobody's problem in particular right now. It floats in the water from one municipality to the next. That is why it is so important that we work on this together.”