Start of the energy strategy region Rotterdam The Hague

Municipalities in the region Rotterdam The Hague, the water boards and the Province of Zuid-Holland are jointly drafting an energy strategy for the region. This strategy will contribute to a reliable clean and safe energy supply for everyone in the region in 2050.

This is how the municipalities, the Province of Zuid-Holland and the water boards respond to the appeal in the coalition agreement to reach a regional energy strategy. Insight into the regional opportunities and the interrelationship will clarify where cooperation will result in added value.

At local level, the municipalities have already mapped what the future energy supply would look like if in 2050, almost all generated energy is sustainable. In addition, a possible regional energy mix has been composed for the region Rotterdam The Hague, because no single municipality will be able to manage the energy transition on its own.

A joint research into the sustainability measures that can be taken at regional level is being carried out to supplement the local measures to realise this end goal. At the end of 2018, this will result in a strategy of how the regional parties can collaborate to achieve these energy targets.