Searching for innovative ideas to further improve public transport

Smart OV Idea competition (Slim OV-Idee)

The province of Zuid-Holland, the Metropolis Region Rotterdam The Hague and the OV partners are organizing ‘Smart OV Idea’. Anyone with a creative idea can join in via After being accepted, the participants in the competition will be assisted by professional business coaches. A purpose-built online Smart OV-Idea Community platform has been created to this end. The deadline is 1 May 2017, but the sooner an idea is submitted, the longer the coaches have to help further enhance the idea. All ideas will qualify for adoption by an OV-company, and on top of that, the winner will receive a price of € 5000.

European Flavour

The ideas will also be added to a European database, from where they can be used as a source of inspiration for better OV in other European cities. This year, Smart OV Idea collaborates with CIPTEC (Collective Innovation Public Transport in Europe). This is a collaboration project of European Public Transport companies, universities and public authorities looking for innovative ideas to improve public transport in European cities. As a result, participants will also qualify for the CIPTEC Audience Prize with their idea!