Sand Motor: successful driver of innovative coastal maintenance

Together with Peter Heij, director-general of spatial development and water affairs, Zuid-Holland regional minister Rik Janssen opened the two-day international symposium on the Sand Motor on 14 September 2016. The results of the first five years' research into the Sand Motor were presented on the opening day.

Rik Janssen: "I am proud of this imposing bit of 'Dutch glory' off the South Holland coast. The Sand Motor is a great example of how we are keeping one step ahead of the problem. This congress underscores the contribution made by this project to the development of knowledge and innovation and the international interest it attracts. Together with the Ministry of Waterways and Public Works we are actively engaged in seeking international attention for the knowledge gained on building with the natural environment and thus exploiting the export potential of the Sand Motor to the maximum.”

International symposium

Five years after the construction of the Sand Motor the results of the first major assessment of the project were announced at the international symposium: The Sand Motor: Five years of Building with Nature. The results are positive. At its launch the Sand Motor was designed to meet three requirements:

  • the need for extra sand to maintain the shoreline
  • the need to provide more space for the natural environment and types of recreation
  • the need to develop expertise on coastal management policy.

The results show that the project meets these needs, and in some respects is exceeding expectations.

On 15 September 2016 a programme of events on the Sand Motor will be open to the public (field lessons, excursions, food fair).