Rijkswaterstaat and the Province join forces on smart inland shipping

Rijkswaterstaat and the Province of Zuid-Holland will exchange knowledge and experience to further smart, clean and efficient inland shipping. The smart use of ICT and data sets in shipping, ‘smart shipping’, is key in this.

The cooperation of Rijkswaterstaat and the Province was announced during the ‘Acceleration of Shipping of Goods’ in Rotterdam on 20 June.

Regional Minister Rik Janssen: “Over the years, we have built a forerunner position in inland shipping with our Goods Transport by Water programme. Sharing real-time sailing information, subsidies for electric vessels, multi-modality – we already do all that in Zuid-Holland. We gladly share this knowledge with Rijkswaterstaat, and use its knowledge in turn to respond to new developments.

During the past 3 years, the province has already brought many parties together to jointly work on a better through-flow on the water and the road, combined with cleaner air. Dozens of skippers, ports, investors and interest groups have meanwhile joined the Goods Transport by Water network. Together, they work on initiatives such as the climate-neutral transport route ‘Green Corridor’ between Alphen aan den Rijn and Rotterdam, for new logistic concepts such as the shipping stops along the Schie and ‘measuring at the exhaust’ for cleaner air.

Platinum award

On 20 June, director Jan Franssen of Green Award issued the first ‘Platinum Award’ to maritime waste processor Bek en Verburg. This highest level of green certificates is an extra incentive for entrepreneurs who make their shipping vessel cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Where skippers with the already existing awards (gold, silver and bronze) can get discounts on their harbour fees, a platinum award means they can moor free of charge. The increase of clean vessels created space to acknowledge the absolute forerunners in the sector. The Green Awards foundation had even more good news: NPRC, the largest inland shipping cooperation in Europe, is concluding a partnership with the foundation and will reimburse its members 35% of the costs of certification. NPRC has around 120 members and a large number of them is expected to be certified via Green Award as a result of this partnership.

Smart shipping

The Province of Zuid-Holland is working on ‘smart shipping’. This regards efficient, sustainable and competitive shipping, in which the smart use of ICT and data sets forms a major part. Smart shipping is necessary, because the demand for goods - and their transport - is growing as a result of the increased population and the rise of e-commerce. To meet this demand, investments are needed and the existing infrastructure must be used as well as possible. An optimum deployment of all transport modalities is required: road, rail and inland shipping. The Province will take part in the finals of the Computable Awards 2018 with its ‘Smart shipping in Zuid-Holland’ project, in the ‘Government ICT-project of the year’ on 30 October.