Regions’ importance the biobased economy's success

In his capacity of Regional Minister on European policy and Rapporteur on Biobased-economy on behalf of the Committee of the Regions, Rogier van der Sande opened the first Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) Peer-to-Peer meeting in Espoo (Finland). More than 60 market players in the biobased economy attended the meeting in Finland. “Biobased economy has a geopolitical, ecological and economic dimension. By continuous innovation we create jobs and growth in Europe”, says Regional Minister Van der Sande.

The Biobased economy's Ecosystem: Politics, Industry, Science, and Technology

The Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) is a form of cooperation between the Committee of the Regions and the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Committee. The platform is designed to exchange knowledge with other European regions and to learn from one another. During this meeting, stakeholders from industry, knowledge institutions and governments exchanged views on the transition to a bio-based economy.

Innovation is the key to Economic Success

During this meeting, themes such as the implementation of European regulations within the regions were discussed, and knowledge institutions presented innovative projects on bio-based economy. Regional Minister Van der Sande spoke with Finnish Members of the (European) Parliament and members of the Committee of the Regions about the role of the regions in accelerating the transition to an economy that runs more on biomass than on raw material: from 'fossil-based' to 'bio-based'. “Regions are the link between knowledge institutions, industry, governments and society. We must focus on an inter-regional approach to develop a strong European bio-based economy cluster, so that we can compete on a global scale,” says Provincial Executive Van der Sande.