Regional Minister Baljeu gets important reporter position in Brussels

Jeannette Baljeu - Regional Minister of the Province of Zuid-Holland – obtained an important position in Europe. She has, for the second time, been appointed the Committee of the Regions’ (COR) reporter on industry on behalf of all European cities and regions, in which capacity she will respond to the European Commission’s proposal on industrial policy, expected on 10 March 2020.


Jeannette Baljeu: “It is a reporting position, but an important one, that I will fill as Regional Minister of Zuid-Holland. Important, because the interests of the regions such as those of Zuid-Holland have to be involved in the European industrial policy. That is crucial for our employment and our future. Furthermore, it is an honour, because you don't get such a reporting appointment just like that. You have to do something to deserve it!”

Industrial policy

The European Committee is to publish its Industrial Strategy on 10 March. In her capacity of reporter for the COR, Mrs Baljeu will draft an opinion on behalf of the cities and regions of the European Union.


To this end, as of 10 March she will hold talks with EU institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Committee, and in particular with various stakeholders. Her report will be discussed on 24 April, and hopefully accepted by the ECON committee of the COR. After that, if all goes well, it will be passed in the plenary meeting in July.