Queen Máxima opens World Horti Center in Westland

All links within the horticulture chain, around 100 businesses, are showing the latest innovations and developments throughout the year in the World Horti Center. Hands-on education at broad secondary vocational education is offered in the heart of the industry. In addition, there is a wide range of lectures at higher vocational education and university level for students and for the business community. Students come into contact with a multifaceted career at all levels.

Education and enterprise research sustainable applications to respond to global issues such as food security, food safety, water management, sustainability and health.

As the showcase of the horticulture industry, the centre expects to attract approximately 25,000 national and international trade visitors per year and is a breeding ground for new initiatives such as HortiHeroes, an incubator and talent programme for the industry.

Anne-Claire van Altvorst, Senior Business Developer Horticulture, was also closely involved in the continued development of the centre:

The iconic World Horti Center embraces the entire Dutch horticulture under one roof. The innovation of the global horticulture mainly takes place in Zuid-Holland. And as of now we are letting the entire world know!

During the opening, Business Developer Colinda de Beer gave a workshop on blockchain in the horticulture.

Source / World Horti Center