Province of Zuid-Holland buys ‘bus stop’ of the future

During the Festival of the Future, the Province of Zuid-Holland purchased 3 prototypes of start-up EVAnet's bus stop 2.0. This is an innovative concept, where parcels may be delivered and collected at any desired time.

EVAnet develops modules to add functions to bus stops, for instance, the so-called ‘robot parcel module'. Suppliers may leave parcels and groceries there, so that people may collect those when they get off the bus. Besides more facilities for the traveller, the parcel services will always be able to deliver their goods, even if no-one is at home, and the deliverymen will be able to deliver more than one parcel at the same time.  This innovation leads to less logistical kilometres, less CO2 emissions and greater convenience for consumers and users.

Launching Customer

EVAnet is one of the Start-ups of the Start-up in Residence programme, in which start-ups, in collaboration with the Province, are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to social challenges. Consequently, the Province is not alone in working on a smarter, cleaner and stronger Zuid-Holland, and at the same time the Start-ups get a helping hand at putting their innovation into practice. EVAnet is one of these examples. The Province are currently purchasing 3 bus stops, for a pilot. To research the feasibility and the business model, a minimum number of three stops is required. The most suitable locations are currently being reviewed.


The concept has already been received with great enthusiasm. EVAnet has reached the top 10 of the Accenture Innovation Award Competition and was allowed to be present at the Future of Living Executive Round Table with Prince Constantijn and Laurentien.