The Province of Zuid-Holland helps 54 young farmers to invest sustainably

The Province of Zuid-Holland has extended the subsidy scheme for young farmers. As a result, all 54 applications made can be granted.

With this subsidy scheme for farmers up to age of 40, the Province aims to enable young farmers to cater to the market developments and needs of our society. Examples of investments intended by the scheme are the installation of solar panels or a small windmill in the farmyard or the construction of humane barn floors.

Applications could be filed during the period from 4 December 2017 until 15 January 2018. In total, the 54 applications came to a subsidy amount of € 870,000, of which €550,000 was available. The Province has opted to supplement the subsidy funds to be able to grant all applications.

Regional Minister Han Weber (whose duties include sustainable agriculture): “With this scheme, we stimulate entrepreneurship and contribute to a sustainable society. I was pleased to note that the interest from the industry was so great. I consider the additional funds that we now allocate a support for all those young farmers who enthusiastically work on a sustainable development.”

Half of the subsidy scheme for young farmers will be funded by the EU, the other half by the Province.