The Province of Zuid-Holland to cooperate closely with start-ups

The Province of Zuid-Holland will accommodate start-ups able to come up with smart and creative solutions to Zuid-Holland's social issues. Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra, responsible for Economic Affairs, gave the go-ahead for the ‘Start-ups in Residence’ programme during the annual New Business Summit, a large start-up network event at the provincial government building. Closely watched by the attending start-ups and businesses, Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra revealed the logo. "I am proud that the cooperation of the business and scientific community, the government and the start-ups on the transformation of the economy continues to improve. The launch of our own Start-up in Residence programme will provide an additional boost", said the Regional Minister.

Startup in Residence Zuid-Holland

With its Startup in Residence programme, the Province links innovative thinking power and the start-ups’ practical solutions with the challenges arising from the provincial ambitions.

"These young businesses often have very refreshing and innovative ideas that they can realise in a very short term. By allowing start-ups to join our deliberations, the Province is able to work faster on practical solutions", the Regional Minister explains. "And for the start-ups it is a great possibility to acquire the Province as their first customer, the so-called launching customer".

Innovation hotspots

The Province of Zuid-Holland is an innovation hotspot, with various top industries such as the Greenports, the Port of Rotterdam, the petrochemical cluster, maritime industry and life sciences all contained in a small surface area. The cooperation of the business and scientific community and the government is increasingly improving, allowing them to capitalize on the innovation potential.

Zuid-Holland strives to be a front-running region in the transformation into a new economy. The province considers innovation a means to find solutions, and in doing so, improve the life of the people in our region. That is why the Province is making extra investments in innovation and why it started the Start-up in Residence programme.