Province: green hydrogen mainly for industrial and transport purposes

Green hydrogen plays an important part in the transition to sustainable industry and mobility. It is why the Province has developed a hydrogen vision for Zuid-Holland.

Hydrogen enables the storage and long-distance transport of (sustainably generated) electricity and therefore has a key role in the future of sustainable energy and raw materials. This applies in particular to Zuid-Holland, with its intensive manufacturing industry, mobility, knowledge and its role as access portal to Europe.

6 priorities for Zuid-Holland

The hydrogen vision contains 6 specific priorities on which the Province wants to work during the 2019-2023 coalition period.

  1. The further development of the green hydrogen production
  2. The port as hydrogen import and transit hub
  3. The development of a freely accessible hydrogen infrastructure (for instance pipelines)
  4. The further development of the demand for hydrogen as resource and energy carrier for the manufacturing industry
  5. The development of hydrogen as energy carrier for mobility: in particular heavy long-distance transport, for instance lorries and inland vessels
  6. The role of hydrogen in the energy system: buffering (storing) and transporting energy to absorb peaks in supply and demand (balancing)

Although the Province does support a pilot in Stad aan ’t Haringvliet to acquire knowledge of the use of hydrogen in residential areas, large-scale use in cities and residential areas is not a priority in the short term. That will require a lot of further innovation and development.