A place-based approach to EU industrial policy

This article was published under the 2015-2020 European Committee of the Regions mandate. For continue updates on the rapport check “A place-based approach to EU industrial policy

During a European Committee of the Regions Plenary session, Jeannette Baljeu explains what is being discussed, what she’s working with regards to her report and her work at the European level.


The opinion will focus on how an EU industrial policy strategy could be implemented using a territorial or place-based approach, the role of regional and local authorities in that regard and how their role can be supported by EU initiatives. It would also address how a low carbon and circular economy can be a driver of innovation and new business and employment opportunities in a regional and local context.

Report ongoing

6 March

Zuid-Holland covers Baljeu’s work on an EU Strategy for Industrial Policy, after the workshop in which she engaged with different experts about the future of such an industrial policy. “As regional government we have an important role to connect the regions and different industries with one another. That’s why it’s important to have a place-based industrial approach in the EU” says Baljeu.

15 February

Participants – representatives of cities and regions as well as think tanks, NGOs and associations working in the field of industry and related areas – were encouraged to concisely explain their views on the topic and take an active part in the exchange during the Stakeholder’s consultation  in the European Committee of the Regions.

After the introductory presentation by Michele Alessandrini from t33, representatives of several regions and associations participated in 4 different moderated sessions and discussed the possible input of cities and regions to the EU industrial policy. Topical discussions included clusters, circular economy, cross-border links

Mr. Pietro Celotti and his colleagues from the consultancy company t33 gave a short presentation of a study on “Implementing a place-based approach to EU industrial policy strategy” which the CoR has commissioned.

5 February

Baljeu speaks at a stakeholders’ session organised by Eurochambres during the EU Industry Days 2019. The topic is “Thinking circular – How to make SMEs fit for the Circular Economy”.

ALDE Jeannette Baljeu

Jeannette Baljeu on Industrial Policy Package