New Provincial Executive installed

The Provincial Executive for the period 2019-2023 has been installed. The installation took place on Wednesday 4 September during the meeting of the Provincial Council.

Cooperation is the aim

The new Provincial Executive will work on a healthy and green economy, an accessible Zuid-Holland, and a sound and realistic climate policy. It stands for an inclusive society and a province in which the quality of water, air and nature is improving and in which we can maintain and experience the cultural and historical values. In that respect, the members of the Executive aim to focus on cooperation with residents, local and regional authorities, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and social organisations.


The main accents for the coming coalition period are on the coalition agreement ‘Better each day. Zuid-Holland.’ This is the motto according to which the Executive will work on the complex challenges in this busy province. The King's Commissioner Jaap Smit says in this regard: “Together, we are Zuid-Holland. The province that has everything. Villages, towns and a metropolis. Agriculture, horticulture and the harbour. Polders, rivers and the coast. Universities, start-ups and innovations. I gladly face these new challenges with all residents, companies and institutes. For the future of Zuid-Holland.”

Old and new faces

Regional Ministers Floor Vermeulen, Jeannette Baljeu (both of the VVD) and Adri Bom-Lemstra (CDA) return to the Executive. New faces are Anne Koning (PvdA), Berend Potjer (GroenLinks) and Willy de Zoete (ChristenUnie & SGP).

Koning: “In the coming years I will gladly work on expediting the residential construction in Zuid-Holland. Of course, not alone, but together with municipalities, housing corporations and builders, to name but a few. But apart from having enough housing, it has to be nice to live in Zuid-Holland. Enough recreational facilities and sports in the public space will contribute to that. I am happy to commit to that with partners. Together, we will make Zuid-Holland better each day.”

Potjer: “The world is not waiting for us and we are not waiting for the world. We want to work fast on energy conservation, clean energy generation and a vital nature. Belonging to and for all Zuid-Holland's residents. I will work on that with strong conviction, together with all colleagues and partners of the province. Together, we will make Zuid-Holland better each day.”

De Zoete: “Zuid-Holland brims with initiatives and innovative projects. As Regional Minister of Zuid-Holland I will make every effort to create an even better version of our beautiful province. That also means setting targets and making choices. I am, and we, the Executive, are not afraid to do that: to cooperate with our partners for the benefit of Zuid-Holland and all its residents.”

After the installation the executive members were congratulated by and received flowers from colleagues, Provincial Executive members, friends and family.