New Geothermal Energy Innovation Centre in Kessler Park Rijswijk

Innovation Centre Well Technology and Heat has started at business park Plaspoelpolder, where businesses and organisations will conduct research into geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy is created by the difference in temperature between the earth's surface and the heat reservoirs located deep within the earth. Geothermal energy can be used to supply electricity or heat to homes and businesses.


Energie Beheer Nederland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Municipality of Rijswijk, TNO, and Shell have jointly initiated this innovation centre that started earlier this week. Since Shell is leaving Kessler Park, it became possible to establish this centre in Rijswijk. Shell and TNO have officially agreed, with the support of the other involved parties, that TNO can acquire some of Shell's installations, including a unique drilling rig and laboratory facilities. As a result, this is a prime location to serve as the basis for an innovation centre for research into geothermal energy.

Driving Force

Regional Minister Han Weber: "This centre provides an impulse to innovative companies involved in geothermal energy, that create new knowledge here. It provides an interesting and useful contribution to our regional economy." In addition, the innovation centre is the driving force behind the development of the entire Kessler Park. The initiative offers an impulse to activity in a central place in the Plaspoelpolder and contributes to a clear and sustainable profile for the future. Naturally, it also prevents vacant buildings in the park.


To offer energy transition in The Netherlands every possible support, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate  and Energy Management Netherlands are also investing in the innovation centre. The next 2 years will show whether the centre is viable.