More cooperation with Mazovia on water management

The Polish region Mazovia, with its capital Warsaw, and the Province of Zuid-Holland intend to intensify their cooperation on water management. That is the agreement the King's Commissioner Jaap Smit and Regional Minister Rik Janssen made with Marshal Adam Struzik during the Polish delegation's working visit to the Province of Zuid-Holland on 24 and 25 November. The Netherlands Water Partnership is cooperation partner.

Knowledge exchange is one of the pillars of the cooperation. That is why knowledgeable companies from Zuid-Holland were represented as well on 24 November, to share their knowledge of water management with the Polish delegation: for example, on the innovative approach regarding river infrastructure (Boskalis), industrial water (Evides) and sustainable area development (Hofman New Business).


On the second day of the visit, Medical Delta experts, The Hague Security Delta and SpaceNed presented innovative showcases from Zuid-Holland to the Polish delegation.

Defining Cooperation

The two-day working visit is a concrete follow-up of the successful water mission to Warsaw and Poznan in 2015, and contributes positively to the economic and European regional cooperation. The visit has led to closer cooperation on water management and is an elaboration of the provincial Europe Strategy 2015-2019.

Zuid-Holland is an important link in uniting the parties, and the working visit is a good example of this.

Innovative and sustainable

Zuid-Holland consists for a sixth part of water and as such, is a very water-rich province. The province cooperates with water partners (co-authorities, knowledge institutes, companies) on sustainable innovative solutions regarding too much, too little, too salty, and sufficient fresh water.