Maiden voyage SeaBubble in Zuid-Holland

SeaBubble, an innovative vessel for passenger transport, makes its maiden voyage in Dordrecht, the first city in The Netherlands.

Following the international presentation in Paris on Thursday, 31 May 2018, SeaBubble made its maiden voyage in the province of Zuid-Holland, in the Drechtsteden. Regional Minister Rik Janssen was the first Dutch test-user. The aldermen from the Drechtsteden were present as well.

“I am proud that this wonderful innovation, the SeaBubble, has made its maiden voyage in Zuid-Holland. Zuid-Holland is a province that embraces innovation. What could be better than serving as a testing ground where this kind of innovation can possibly be further developed. We do not allow ourselves to be guided by what cannot be done, but look for opportunities. That's the power of innovation," said Regional Minister Rik Janssen.

SeaBubble: electrically powered vessel

The SeaBubble is an electrically driven planing vessel with a capacity of 4-5 people. The electric drive makes the vessels environmentally friendly, and the energy used is limited during planing as well (from a speed of at least 12 km/h). For now, a crew member has to the steer the SeaBubble, but in the long term, autonomous sailing is a possibility.

The first SeaBubble was tested in April 2018 on Lake Geneva, followed at the beginning of this month by the presentation in Paris. Dordrecht is the first city in The Netherlands where the SeaBubble can be seen.

Transport by water as an alternative

The province of Zuid-Holland is a densely-populated wetland province. That is why it is essential that water transport, both for passengers and goods, is considered a fully-fledged alternative for transport by road. Cooperation with and coordination between the parties in the region of the Drechtsteden, the Metropole region Rotterdam-The Hague, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Port will increase the region's appeal as a living, working and/or recreational area. It improves the accessibility of our region and stimulates a strong and reliable public transport.

Appealing sustainable transport

The SeaBubble shows that sustainable transport can be attractive and tempting. Passenger transport by water makes an important contribution to the accessibility in Zuid-Holland. Further research into, among other things, safety, the transport flows and the available capacity is to determine which opportunities the SeaBubble has in Zuid-Holland. The strength of the current passenger transport by water is that the bike can be taken on board. That is still a challenge for the SeaBubble, because it is not possible at this time.