LUMC and Province want Leiden to become the European centre for regenerative medicine

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra (Economic Affairs) and representatives of the LUMC explored ways to facilitate this in more detail during a visit to the ‘Center for commercialisation of living therapies’ (CCRM) in Toronto

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) aspires to become the European medical centre specialised in tissue and organ regeneration.

The visit was made in honour of the official opening of the Canadian public-private consortium for the promotion of the commercialisation of regenerative medicine. LUMC and CCRM have cooperated since 2016 and Leiden's official recognition as European hub will be the next step. This would mean the establishment of a coordinating centre in Leiden, that, together with other Dutch and European academic centres, will strengthen the network for regenerative medicine. The centre is to make the solutions available to the patient faster as well. This way, commitment to regenerative disease not only benefits the patients, but the regional economy as well. 
The CCRM is a good example of how knowledge of regenerative disease can be transformed into business. To this end, the CCRM will enter into global partnerships and has invited the LUMC to become its European hub.

Capitalising on opportunities

During the visit to the centre in Toronto, Adri Bom-Lemstra expressed her support for the centre's establishment. Earlier research by the Province of Zuid-Holland already showed that the region offers many opportunities for so-called regenerative medicine with its available scientific knowledge, Research & Development activities in the Leiden Bioscience Park, and patent positions. This new international cooperation will allow the region to capitalise on the available economic opportunities.