Local industry approach within EU necessary

Regional Minister Baljeu's report on the European industrial policy has been adopted by the Committee of the Regions (CoR).

Regional Minister Baljeu's report ‘A local approach for the EU's industrial policy strategy’ has been adopted by the CoR. Baljeu gives suggestions for a renewed EU industrial policy and advises the European Committee to take a more multi-sectoral approach aimed at identifying and utilising local strengths and capacities. It is also important to strengthen the connection between the European regions.

“A key role for regional and local authorities in setting up large-scale industrial cooperation is important. I am extremely pleased that the CoR has adopted my opinion. We can now take the next step to strengthen our position in discussions with the European Commission and to defend the interests of our industrial sector", said Regional Minister Baljeu.

Regions play an important role in the transition of industries

Baljeu's opinion regards how to implement an EU industrial policy strategy through a regional or local approach, the role of regional and local authorities in that regard, and how their role can be supported by EU initiatives. Baljeu emphasises that regions play an important role in the transitions facing European industries: "We need to join forces across national borders in order to remain globally competitive and to respond to the opportunities offered by digitisation," said Regional Minister Baljeu.

The European Commission drafts a long-term vision for the industrial policy

The European Commission will launch its ideas for a long-term industrial policy vision in the second half of 2019 as it attempts to redesign the EU economy to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In response to the accelerated economic, social, and environmental challenges currently facing the EU, the European industry will have to undergo major modernisation to ensure that Europe remains competitive and delivers economic growth and prosperity for its citizens.