Jeannette Baljeu appointed Regional Minister

Today, the Provincial Council of Zuid-Holland has appointed Jeanette Baljeu (50) Regional Minister of the Provincial Executive. Regional Minister Baljeu will be responsible for the portfolios of Finance, Organisation, Management & Transparent Government, and Europe & International Policy. She succeeds Rogier van der Sande, who has been appointed chairman of the Rijnland water authority board.

“During the coming period, with the collegial body, I intend to strive for an even smarter, cleaner and stronger Zuid-Holland. From my portfolios I will work internally towards a stronger provincial organisation and externally towards more cooperation with our local and international contacts.”, says Regional Minister Baljeu.

The King's Commissioner Jaap Smit is delighted with the appointment: “Jeannette Baljeu is a very experienced and driven manager and I am very happy with her, as a reinforcement of the Provincial Executive.”

From local to provincial

Jeanette Baljeu was an alderman in Rotterdam for 7 years. She was also a council member and the party chairperson of the VVD in Rotterdam, vice-chairman of the managing board of the VVD, chairperson of the Taskforce Better Use of the Student OV-card, and board member of the DCMR (Environment Agency Rijnmond). Until recently, she was director of a knowledge institution in construction.