Houweling from Bleiswijk builds largest sunroof in Zuid-Holland

Houweling from Bleiswijk is building the largest sunroof - of 46,000 m2 - of Zuid-Holland. This has been made possible by the province with its subsidy scheme 'Asbestos Off, Sun On!'.

“This is exactly what we intend with this scheme, Houweling uses the solar energy partly for its own purposes and the rest is sold to the surrounding area with the help of an energy supplier,” Regional Minister Han Weber stated during his working visit to the company that produces, among other things, packaging materials.

The province started the Subsidy Scheme 'Asbestos Off, Sun On!' to encourage companies such as Houweling from Bleiswijk to make their business premises more sustainable. Houweling has 46,000 m2 of roof surface area, with which eventually, it will generate 3.7 MWp of solar energy.

Asbestos Off, Sun On!

The owner of the large roof area must install at least 40 kWp of solar panels to receive €80 in subsidy for each kWp. The subsidy scheme will run until the end of December 2023. The subsidy is awarded to purchase and install solar panels on a roof of which the asbestos-containing material used as roofing material was removed within the 12 months before the date of the application for subsidy, or still is to be removed.