The Hague College/URBINN winner of the Mobility Award 2017

Last Monday, the Haagse Hogeschool received the Mobility Award 2017, from regional Minister Flor Vermeulen. This bi-annual award is an initiative of Accessible Haaglanden and Rijnland (Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland). The purpose of the network organisation is to make the region more accessible by a more efficient use of roads, public transport and the bicycle network combined with improvements in the facilities and the use of policy and behaviour measures.

Developing innovative mobility concepts

The Haagse Hogeschool won the award with its ongoing minor URBINN, an innovation programme intended for the development of sustainable mobility in cities and the development of specialist knowledge in this field. The Technology, Innovation and Society Faculty (TIS) of the Haagse Hogeschool, in its capacity of knowledge institution, has cooperated with the business community for some time now on the development of innovative mobility concepts and autonomous transport by committing students and education. The Haagse Hogeschool structurally works on the earlier mentioned targets with its minor URBINN.