Five municipalities in Zuid-Holland the first bee-friendly municipalities

Leiderdorp, Leiden, Zoetermeer, Zoeterwoude and Alphen aan den Rijn are the first 5 municipalities to have received the honorary title ‘bee-friendly municipality’.

These municipalities work on bee-friendly management under the heading of Green Circle Bee Landscape. Together with the Province and other authorities, scientists, companies, ground keepers, agricultural entrepreneurs and citizens, these municipalities work on a floral network for bees.

Endangered Bee

The bee is not doing well. More than half of the 358 wild bee types prevalent in The Netherlands is endangered. This has major consequences for us, too, because 80% of the edible crops depend on pollination. The wild bee especially lacks food and a place to nest. Bee-friendly management creates structurally better chances of survival for wild bees. Municipalities play an important role in this, in the management of public greenery, as well as in motivating residents and entrepreneurs to design and maintain gardens and company premises in a bee-friendly manner. The Netherlands Hum (Nederland Zoemt) will support the municipalities over the next few years with extra knowledge, education and actions on the topic of wild bees.

Green Circle Bee Landscape

Green Circle Bee Landscape is a part of the Green Circles: a cooperation of Heineken, the Province of Zuid-Holland, Wageningen Environmental research, Naturalis, and the Rijnland District Water Board, to realise a climate-neutral Heineken brewery, a sustainable economy and an attractive living environment in the region around Zoeterwoude.

The Netherlands Hum

The Netherlands Hum is a project of LandschappenNL, Naturalis, IVN and Nature & Environment (Natuur en Milieu). The National Postcode Lottery financially supports The Netherlands Hum. The campaign is supported by the Municipalities for Sustainable Development Foundation (Vereniging Gemeenten voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling) and the City Work The Netherlands Foundation (Vereniging Stadswerk Nederland).