First Zuid-Holland regional energy agreement signed

The Regional Energy Agreement was signed during Holland-Rijnland's Regional Congress on 27 September 2017/ 18 participating parties signed the agreement in Theatre Castellum in Alphen aan den Rijn, in support of the ambition to be an energy-neutral region in 2050 and to contribute to the national and international climate and energy targets.

The 24 municipalities of the Holland-Rijnland region, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Environment Agency West-Holland, the Water Authority Rijnland and the Cooperative Body Holland-Rijnland are putting their weight behind the energy transition. The signing of the Regional Energy Agreement is the first step towards an energy-neutral region in 2050. To expedite the change-over from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, an energy transition is required. The common approach by public and private parties will scale-up the projects and expedite the implementation of innovations.

The signatory parties are cooperating in the regional ambition to be an energy-neutral region in 2050. At the interim phase in 2025, the initial results in energy saving, heat-transition, solar power on roofs, solar power farms and wind energy will be noticeable.

Together for sustainable energy

The signing took place during the Holland-Rijnland Regional Congress 2017, and evening by and for the municipalities in the region. Besides the signing of the energy agreement, special attention was paid to the energy transition. Marjan Minnesma of Urgenda, for instance, inspired the attendees on how The Netherlands can work towards 100% sustainable energy. Cooperation is key to become a sustainable region "It is possible, if you really want it” was her optimistical message.