Extra funds for innovative networks

Published on 4 March 2019

The Province of Zuid-Holland is making an additional €1.5 million available to networks of businesses, knowledge institutions and local authorities aimed at innovation in Zuid-Holland.

By increasing the Grant Scheme Regional Networks for Innovation Zuid-Holland (Subsidieregeling Regionale Netwerken voor Innovatie Zuid-Holland or RNIZ) the Province aims to support and accelerate the renewal of the economy in Zuid-Holland.

This change brings the total amount available under this scheme to €2.5 million. The Province decided to this raise because of the importance of the scheme and the great interest in it from leading networks. Combining the knowledge of innovative businesses, knowledge institutions and local authorities is essential. Powerful networks enable us to notice, investigate and develop the possibilities of new products, processes and services early on. The raise will become effective from 1 March 2019 and the Province expects to support 6 networks with it in 2019, as opposed to only 4 networks in 2018.

Powerful networks

Recent recipients of a grant are, among others, the SmartPort and Medical Delta networks. SmartPort focuses on linking business and academia aimed at the port of Rotterdam. Because of the network, relevant parties increasingly know how to reach each other better.

Medical Delta uses the grant to bring together business and knowledge institutions in the Life Science & Health sector in Zuid-Holland. With its ‘Medical Delta 2.0: Technological solutions for sustainable care' the network offers direction to the changing healthcare. Businesses can use the knowledge and technology of the universities and colleges in Zuid-Holland.

Further information

For further information, please refer to the scheme: Regional Networks for Innovation Zuid-Holland, subsidy.