Eurovision Song Contest in Zuid-Holland in 2020

In 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam. The festival's organisation announced this on 30 August. The final battle for the location of the greatest live-television spectacle in the world was between the two Meuse-cities Maastricht and Rotterdam.

The Province is glad that Rotterdam was chosen. Rotterdam is booming. Art, culture and architecture connect the Rotterdam citizens and its visitors. The port connects the Netherlands with the rest of Europe. And the Province connects Rotterdam with the region.

Visitors to the Eurovision Song Contest will then not only enjoy the dynamics of Rotterdam, but also the history of Delft and the coastline in The Hague, the flower fields in Lisse and the cheese town of Gouda, and - fair is fair - Amsterdam in Noord-Holland as well. The accessibility of the region has been arranged extremely well with a high-quality network of public transport, and the Song Contest's guests can count on a warm welcome in the many hotels in Zuid-Holland.

A big event such as the Eurovision Song Festival requires big thinking. The whole world will be looking at us and guests from all over Europe will be flocking to Zuid-Holland to visit the Song Contest in Rotterdam and to experience the Netherlands. The Province supports those big ideas and is making a one-off subsidy of a million Euro available.