European industrial strategy of great importance to the regions

Regional Minister Baljeu took part in a seminar on the European industrial strategy on 2 and 3 May, organised by the ECON Committee of the European Committee of the Regions in Dresden. During this seminar, the regions’ role in the modernisation of industrial clusters in Europe was discussed.

“The European industry is facing challenges in the field of digitisation, sustainabilization and global competition. The European industrial strategy could be the key to the modernisation of the European industry”, says Regional Minister Baljeu.

Strong innovative ecosystem necessary

Regional Minister Baljeu chaired a panel discussion on the theme of SMEs as driving force in industrial modernisation. The German Sachsen region was the example in the discussion. After the reunification, this German region reinvented itself and is now known as Silicon Saxony, with strong clusters in micro-electronics, e-mobility and advanced manufacturing.

The Regional Minister dealt with the questions what the SMEs need to continue to innovate, and what the region and the European Union can do to help. It emerged from the discussion with entrepreneurs and cluster organisations that the establishment of an entire chain within an industry is an important condition to allow innovation. In addition, a solid regional infrastructure and well-qualified staff are considered very important. Finally, the financial contribution of the regional authorities – often combined with co-financing by the European Union – helps to strengthen these networks.

Cooperation European Industry

Attention to cooperation between industrial clusters in Europe The European Committee was also represented at the seminar. During the coming months, the European Parliament and the member states will negotiate the new multiannual financial framework, presented yesterday by the European Committee. In this context, the Province of Zuid-Holland will promote cooperation among the industrial European clusters.