Entrepreneurs meet each other in Green Circles

“In terms of renewability, The Netherlands can get ahead of the rest of the world. The country's logistic provisions are so high-level, that The Netherlands could become the global forerunner. We have to ensure that this does not only remain a matter of fine words, but is converted into valuable networks and entrepreneurship”, is how Hans de Boer (chairman VNO NCW) started this week during a meeting at Heineken in Zoeterwoude on sustainability, green growth and Green Circles. More than 150 businesses were interested and came to Zoeterwoude to exchange ideas and to see whether they could join Green Circles.

Exciting cooperation

Green Circles is a cooperation of Heineken, Rijnland District Water Board, Naturalis, Wageningen Environmental Research and the Province on the field of sustainability, energy, smart mobility, biodiversity and water, among other things to create a climate-neutral brewery and a sustainable economy. “Our CO2-footprint represents only 11% in the entire supply chain. If we really do want to change something, we will have to cooperate”, says Jan Kempers, director Sustainable Development of Heineken Nederland. “We all face the transition task. To structure the cooperation, we have developed the Green Circles model that anyone can easily join to also take a step in their own development. This strategy is a very exciting cooperation. Han Weber, Regional Minister of Zuid-Holland, stresses the importance of the formula and sees its underlying innovative principle: “Initially, the entrepreneurs looked at the government and vice versa, to see who would first make a move. Now, we are true partners. The initiatives can achieve a great deal. The cooperation in the entire chain is unstoppable”.