Engineers choose the Zuid-Holland N470 as smartest project of 2018

Published on 13 February 2019

With its assignment for the Province of Zuid-Holland, Advice & Engineers Bureau Tauw has captured the audience prize of De Vernufteling 2018.

The audience of the annual industry award chose the N470 gives Energy! as the most ingenious engineers’ project of the past year. Engineers Bureau Nelissen won the jury prize with a ground-breaking cooling and heating system for a school in Cuijk, in the Province of Brabant.

Zuid-Holland wanted to link the refurbishment of the N470 to its sustainability ambitions, and to make the road CO2-neutral. By order of the Province, Tauw converted the provincial road into an ‘energy road’ that generates and saves energy on the entire stretch of the A12 near Zoetermeer to the A4 near Delft. All techniques used are deployed entirely and as such, can be used directly on a larger scale, in other roads.

CO2-reducing measures

At least 15 innovative measures will be used in the renovated road as soon as the work starts this spring. The winning proposal by construction company Boskalis combines solar panels in the noise barrier, a battery for energy storage, smart road illumination and traffic regulation installations and other CO2-reducing measures. A new type of asphalt with a lower rolling resistance will also contribute to making the vehicular traffic on the road more economical.

De Vernufteling is awarded each year to a project of a Dutch engineers bureau. The prize is an initiative of the branch organisation Koninklijke NLingenieurs and the technology magazine ‘De Ingenieur’ (‘The Engineer')