Energy strategy implemented

The Zuid-Holland regions of Drechtsteden and Midden-Holland on 22 June launched pilot green energy projects under the regional strategy partnership Green Deal Regionale Energiestrategieën. Participating partners are the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, municipalities, Zuid-Holland Province, water boards and businesses. Its aim is to join forces to identify ways of making the regions energy neutral by 2050.

The collaborative objective is to accelerate measures needed to meet energy targets agreed earlier. It aims specifically to:

  • enlarge the support base for required measures
  • obtain a better understanding of local potential
  • be aware that now is the time to exploit opportunities


The partners have a shared ambition to start implementing the most promising project in the near term. They also plan to draw up a programme for implementation in the medium term. The knowledge gained through this method of partnership will subsequently be rolled out to other regions.

Energy transition

Regional partnership is one of five strategies the province is adopting to accelerate the transition of energy as laid down in the policy document Energieagenda. This document is on the agenda of the Provincial Executive on 5 July.

Regional Minister Han Weber: "Energy transition is an economic opportunity as well as a vital need: we must make the transition to clean, reliable and future-proof sources of energy in the interests of preserving our welfare and the common good. The prime role of the province is to link up initiatives from throughout the province and make sure the frontrunners can pass on their knowledge. This pilot provides for that."