ENERGIIQ invests in an innovative pay platform for energy supplies

The Zuid-Holland energy innovation fund ENERGIIQ and its current shareholders invest 1 million Euro in Involtum. Regional Minister Berend Potjer announced this yesterday.

The Rotterdam scale up Involtum will use the investment to expedite the development and implementation of its switch and pay platform for electric charge points and other power supplies. The Involtum platform allows for very easy payment of the temporary use of electricity, for instance at parking places, in ports and on events sites. The power outlets will replace the polluting motors and aggregates, which will result in an important step forward in the reduction of CO2, particulates and noise pollution.

Ports and cities are increasingly cleaner

Trucks with refrigeration and deep freeze facilities spend a lot of time standing idle in parking lots along the motorways. To be able to keep their freight cold during these idle periods, diesel aggregates are used. And seagoing vessels and river cruises, for instance, also use aggregates for their power supply while in port.

European authorities increasingly lay down stricter rules regarding the use of diesel aggregates to limit the CO2, particulates, NOx and sound emissions. The Rotterdam company Involtum started its power supply at truck stops in 2012. The trucks can condition their cargo at these stops without using a polluting diesel aggregate. Since then, Involtum has refined its switch and pay platform and has made it available for many other applications.

Easy payment for temporary use of electricity

For instance, the platform also enables paying for the temporary use of power in parking lots, camp sites, festival sites and in yacht harbours and seaports. One of the latest applications of the platform is the option to pay by smart phone for the use of a Miele washing machine in launderettes. Involtum offers providers of shared services a complete solution consisting of a platform, back-office, call centre, payment channel, apps, websites, portals and the necessary hardware.

Important contribution to the energy transition

Involtum uses the investment of ENERGIIQ and its shareholders to expand the platform and to stimulate further growth. Founder and CEO Maarten Hektor: “Because of the investment, we are able to give sales and marketing an impulse. With this, we intend to expand in Europe and to offer our services in Germany, Austria and the U.K., and of course also in the Netherlands. By providing a full-service solution to suppliers, charge points can be created at a growing number of places and make an important contribution to the energy transition.”

Berend Potjer, Regional Energy Minister of the Province of Zuid-Holland: “The transition to sustainable energy does not need to be difficult. Zuid-Holland's Involtum also takes care of that. It helps our inland shippers and the truck drivers to switch from polluting diesel to clean power. The knowledge that Involtum develops can ensure that diesel fumes at events, parking places and quays vanish. Isn't that what we all want? In any case, I think it’s a really good cause. That is why I am pleased to be able to make this announcement.”

Rinke Zonneveld, InnovationQuarter's CEO, is very pleased with this investment: “Involtum is a Rotterdam company that spearheads the development of new business models for IOT applications. ENERGIIQ considers Involtum a simple and scalable solution to reduce the use of diesel aggregates. Inland shippers and truck driver can use a user-friendly app to access power in ports and truck stops, which results in an enormous reduction in CO2-emissions.”

ENERGIIQ is the energy innovation fund of the Province of Zuid-Holland, managed by InnovationQuarter