En route to smart shipping in Zuid-Holland

The Province of Zuid-Holland is to start work on ‘smart shipping’. By the smart use of ICT and datasets, inland shipping will become more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

The opportunities in smart shipping in Zuid-Holland were presented on Tuesday 20 March during the Smart Shipping Event (SMASH) in Dordrecht, organised by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. During this event, representatives of the business community, government and knowledge institutions exchanged knowledge and experience in inland shipping.

Smart shipping in Zuid-Holland

The Province of Zuid-Holland manages various waterways, among which the Gouwe and the Schie. These waterways play an important part in handling the growing flow of goods. One inland vessel can transport the load of 40 to 60 trucks. In doing so, inland shipping ensures less road traffic, a good through-flow and a better air quality. Besides a good through-flow, safety is always an important focus. The past few years, sustainability and punctuality have been added. ‘Smart shipping’ offers opportunities to take the next steps. The province is committing to smart vessels, smart logistics and smart infrastructure.

Smart solutions

With the aid of sensors on the banks, bridges and locks, the arrival time of inland shipping vessels can be indicated real-time with great accuracy. The traffic by road and waterway can be matched up optimally, allowing waiting times at bridges to be as short as possible, for traffic and for inland shipping. The partnership ‘The Blue Wave Connection (de Blauwe Golf Verbindend)’ and the app for the users of the waterways ‘Riverguide’ have made an important contribution to these developments.

The emissions of the vessel, the waterway and the whole ‘corridor’ (connection) are made transparent, And start-ups can start with the challenges of smart inspection techniques and ways to generate sustainable energy along the banks.

Inland shipping

Inland shipping is high on the province's agenda and there are some great opportunities to combine road and water in a smart way. The province, in collaboration with interested parties (among which carriers, shippers and entrepreneurs) wants to identify and exploit these opportunities. In that way, we collaborate on smarter logistics, cleaner inland shipping and a stronger economy in Zuid-Holland. An ambition that fits seamlessly with the Province's outline agreement. ‘Smarter, cleaner and stronger’.