EGTC Rhine Alpine: borderless cooperation on a sustainable corridor

“Smart and clean transport in the Rhine Alpine corridor where borders do not form barriers, that is what is at stake”, said Floor Vermeulen during the Corridor Conference of the EGTC Rhine Alpine on 7 June. This collaboration between European regions is working on the corridor, which begins with the large ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp, and then runs via the Ruhr area, across the Alps to Genoa.

Smart Zuid-Holland

The European Union has declared 2018 the year of the Multi-modality. The smart connection of rail, road, water and underground pipe system is a focal point for the province of Zuid-Holland as well. Besides the realisation of physical hubs, such as the recent Coolport together with the Port of Rotterdam and the municipality of Rotterdam, there is a lot of attention for the development of open data systems that allow different modalities to be used more in sync. Within the corridor, work continues on good coordination between the modalities, but also on the transport flows that should continue freely across borders as well. As governments intensify their cooperation, advances can be made in the area of deregulation.

Clean Zuid-Holland

The transition to clean transport is high on the agenda both of the EGTC Rhine Alpine, and of the Province. For example, the Province of Zuid-Holland is the lead partner of the European project CLINSH. The Purpose of CLINSH is to improve the air quality in urban areas by reducing emissions in inland shipping. Together with European partners, CLINSH shows the effects of cleaner technology by measuring at the exhaust pipe. The results will be used to enable the industry and governments to choose the appropriate greening measures.

Corridor Week

From 6 to 8 November, the Corridor Week will take place. Among other things, digitisation, the transformation of logistic chains, energy transition and demographic developments will be discussed. The next regional assembly of the RGTC-RA takes place during this week on 8 November. In combination with the annual conference of the Flemish-Dutch Delta, the corridor conference of Rijkswaterstaat, the Steering Committee meeting of CLINSH and an interview with investors, an inspiring exchange and networking event is expected.